Greenville Zoo’s Beloved African Lion Saied Dies at Age of Fifteen

A lion perched on a rock.
Greenville Zoo

With deep sadness, the Greenville Zoo has said goodbye to the beloved Saied, an African Lion.

Saied was humanely euthanized at the age of 15 due to a rapid and irreversible worsening of his degenerative joint disease and spinal neurological issues.

He had been under treatment for these orthopedic changes and was being monitored with bloodwork and other diagnostic testing. This morning he showed more negative progression that further impacted his quality of life. Zoo staff met to discuss his health status and the consensus for his wellbeing was for him to be humanely euthanized.

Saied and his brother Chuma came to the Greenville Zoo from the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia in 2010. Zookeepers and veterinarians will closely monitor Chuma as he adjusts to the loss of his companion. Saied was the “dominant” male and while keepers say he was “less playful” than Chuma, he was smart and easy to train.

Saied inspired millions of zoo visitors over his lifetime and will be greatly missed. The zoo is still developing plans for a remembrance and ways for the community to share condolences.

Visit the Greenville Zoo website for future updates.

Written by the City of Greenville.