Greenville, SC and Upstate News

Local news for the Greenville and Upstate area, including updates on the Greenville Drive, local beer, and local food.

A plate of barbeque and side dishes.

Greenville BBQ Trail Tour

Greenville’s BBQ scene has been gaining more and more national attention, and it was most notably ranked a Top 10 BBQ City in America by

A park playground.

Timmons Park Closed Through July 29th

As part of the ongoing improvements being made in Timmons Park, the park will be closed through Thursday, July 29, to allow the city’s contractor to replace the stormwater pipes under the asphalt in the parking lot.

A bee extracting pollen from a yellow flower.

Bees and Beekeeping in Greenville

Honey bees play an important role in Greenville’s environment and South Carolina’s economy. Honey bees add millions of dollars statewide to the value of fruit, vegetable, and seed crops.

An energy rater uses a duct blower to test HVAC duct air leakage.

Is Your Home as Ready for Summer as You Are?

Now that summer has arrived, it’s important to remember that your air conditioner can often increase your residential energy costs this season, so it’s important to make sure that your house is as efficient as it can possibly be.