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Local news for the Greenville and Upstate area, including updates on the Greenville Drive, local beer, and local food.

Downtown Greenville and the home of future Unity Park.

The History of Greenville, South Carolina

The city of Greenville is situated on land that was once Cherokee hunting ground. Around 1770, Richard Pearis, an Indian trader from Virginia who was living with a chief’s daughter, received about 100,000 acres of hunting lands from the Cherokees.

Sharing Greenville’s Black History

Join the City of Greenville as it travels to Broad Street to learn about a former hub of Black business, to Nicholtown to see unmarked graves of former slaves, to Sterling High for a trip down memory lane, and to the archives of the Upcountry History Museum.

A person speaking at a podium wearing a black robe.

Furman Alumnus Alex Stubb Elected President of Finland

The people of Finland went to the polls in recent weeks and on Sunday, Feb. 11, a partly sunny day in Helsinki when the temperature reached a balmy 16 degrees Fahrenheit, they elected a Furman Paladin, Alex Stubb ’93 H’17, as their next president.