Banana Ball World Tour is Coming to Fluor Field in July!

“The Greatest Show in Sports”, according to ESPN, will be making its way to Greenville in 2024, with Fluor Field being a stop along the Banana World Tour! The announcement was officially made last night during the hour-long Banana Ball World Tour Draft, featured on the Savannah Bananas YouTube Channel.

“We continue to think big with Banana Ball and are thrilled to announce our most ambitious schedule yet,” said Bananas owner Jesse Cole during the Draft.

The Party Animals will headline the two-day event at Fluor Field, with a game on Friday, July 26th and Saturday, July 27th. Last night’s Draft also featured the announcement of a new team to the world of Banana Ball, The Firefighters, who will take on the Party Animals in Downtown Greenville.

Tickets for the two games at Fluor Field have sold out, though fans are encouraged to join the Ticket Lottery List by visiting to get the opportunity to be drawn in the lottery for future games.

“We are thrilled to have Fluor Field included in the Banana Ball World Tour, and especially to be included as part of the Party Animals’ first-ever headlining tour,” said Drive general manager Eric Jarinko. “Fluor Field is home to the best fans in baseball and we’re excited for the Party Animals to see just how much energy the crowds in Greenville will bring.”

The Bananas and Party Animals and their version of baseball, Banana Ball, have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years, taking social media by storm. Banana Ball features a fast-paced style of play, a different scoring system to traditional baseball, modified rules including an out given if a fan catches a foul ball, and a two-hour time limit for games.

“From playing in front of 500,000 fans in 2023 to now entertaining more than one million in 2024, we’re fired up to take this to the MLB level and visit some of the most beautiful and iconic ballparks, as well as watch the Party Animals become the headliner in four different cities. The 2024 Banana Ball World Tour will take our young sport to a higher level than ever before,” said Cole.

All three team rosters will be filled with the most entertaining and talented players in the world, including former MLB stars and celebrity guests. In 2023, former Major League stars Jake Peavy, Hunter Pence, Johnny Damon, Josh Reddick, and Barry Zito all joined the team during the tour, as well as Brian Litrell from the Backstreet Boys.

“I think this year showed people that we aren’t just here to entertain but that we can actually play at a very high level too,” Bananas’ infielder Jackson Olson said. “2023 was life changing for all of us but 2024 is about to be the biggest challenge yet and we’re all ready for it.”

When the Savannah Bananas are not on the road, they play their home games in front of a sold out, 4,000-person crowd at Grayson Stadium in Savannah, Georgia. Bananas games at Grayson Stadium have been sold out for eight straight years.

“One Vegas just wanted enough…G-Vegas, you’re on the clock!”, was posted to The Party Animals social media feeds during the live Draft.

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Written by the Banana Ball World Tour and the Greenville Drive.