Construction is Underway at Greenlink’s New Maintenance Facility

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Bridging Greenville’s transportation gap, construction is underway on Greenlink’s new bus maintenance and operations facility just north of the city at 205 Arcadia Drive.

The project is bigger than just a building, it’s a commitment to mobility, that includes reliable service and additional routes.

“In order for us to expand and get there, we had to have the capacity to handle the maintenance and hire people and train people, and that’s what this allows,” said Greenlink Director of Public Transportation James Keel.

Improving working conditions for drivers and mechanics will help Greenlink recruit and retain employees.  “Being able to come to work every day, have new equipment that works all the time, it gives them some pride,” says Keel.

A larger training area will allow Greenlink to hire bus operators who don’t yet have their commercial driver’s license and help them get the needed certification. “It’s really hard to find the CDL bus operators, so it’s easier for us to find somebody who wants to be that operator and train them,” says Keel.

Greenlink is also adding a playground and pavilion to the site for public use. Break rooms and a fitness area will improve employee health. “Anything that we can do to encourage them to be active and live a happier lifestyle. It’s important to us because we care about their overall health and well-being,” says Keel.

Greenlink will move out of its current maintenance facility on Augusta Street after the new building is completed in the summer of 2024.

Written by the City of Greenville.