Greenville Zoos’ Baby Sumatran Orangutan Turns One

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The Greenville Zoo is celebrating the first birthday of baby Sumatran orangutan Adira, who was born on August 7, 2018. Adira’s parents are Lana, the zoo’s 34-year-old female Sumatran orangutan, and Kumar, the zoo’s 14-year-old male Sumatran orangutan.

The “Under the Sea”-themed birthday party featured presents, cake, party favors and swimming pools for Adira, Lana and Kumar.

Adira was the first baby orangutan born at the Greenville Zoo since 2006. To prepare, the zoo’s animal care and medical staff developed a comprehensive birth management plan, which included local medical professionals, local businesses and zoo veterinarians from across the country, who offered their expertise and services to ensure the best possible outcome for both Lana and the baby. Following her delivery by C-section at Upstate Vet Emergency + Specialty Care, which provided the facility and staff for the surgical procedure and delivery, Adira received around the clock care by the Greenville Zoo staff for the first two weeks while Lana healed from her surgery.

The zoo staff spent the first month making the orangutan exhibit more “kid-friendly” so that mother and baby could enjoy being outside and Adira could explore her new environment. Their time on exhibit was rotated with Kumar’s during the fall months and the family was able to interact inside between the mesh that separated Lana’s and Adira’s den from Kumar’s. After spending most of the winter indoors, Lana and Adira began appearing on exhibit again in April and the zoo staff physically introduced Kumar and Adira for the first time in May. The three are now on exhibit together as a family.

According to zoo administrator Jeff Bullock, Adira’s successful birth is due to the assistance the zoo received from many individuals who were acknowledged at the time, but who deserve additional recognition. “This is a celebration of not only the first birthday of one of the world’s most endangered primates but also of what can be accomplished when caring, generous people contribute their unique skill sets and work together to achieve a common goal for our community,” said Bullock.

In addition to Dr. Rob Presley and his team from Upstate Vet, below is a list of those who were involved in the birth management plan for Adira:

Assisting Specialists:

Dr. Amanda Ryan, Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Highlands Center for Women

Dr. James Ryan, Anesthesiologist, Palmetto Anesthesia Associates

Dr. Laura K Whitney, Pediatrician, The Children’s Medical Center

Dr. Michael Stewart, Neonatologist, Pediatrix Medical Group

Greenville Zoo Staff

Jeff Bullock, Zoo Administrator

Dr. Nikolay Kapustin, Deputy Zoo Administrator & Veterinarian

Keith Gilchrist, General Curator

Jennifer Stahl, Orangutan Keeper

Sarah Schwenzer, Veterinary Technician

Greg Garcia, Relief Keeper

Ben Cooper, Relief Keeper

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