Community Partnership Creates Net Zero Home

The exterior of Greenville-Spartanburg's first net zero home.
Group 1.6 Architects

Perched on a hilltop in the Greenline-Spartanburg neighborhood, the Net-Zero House is an example of how sustainable building practices can help reduce energy consumption and substantially lower the cost of living.

Partners in the project included the Clemson University School of Architecture, Group 1.6 Architects, GBS Building Supply, Carolina Green Builders, Genesis Homes and the City of Greenville. The Greenline-Spartanburg Neighborhood Association was also involved in the project and the Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (GAIHN) recommended a family to move into the home once it was completed.

The Net-Zero House is the first of its kind in Greenville. It take its name from an innovative concept in home construction. The solar panels installed on the roof generate as much or more energy than the home consumes, resulting in a net-zero energy bill for the family. A majority of the labor and materials for construction of the house was donated or provided at a reduced cost, which, combined with funding provided by the City of Greenville, resulted in a lower development cost allowing that cost savings to be passed along in a lower monthly rental cost.

Genesis Homes has worked alongside the City in Greenline-Spartanburg for many years, taking the lead on developing new homes. The City has made infrastructure improvements, including replacing the water and sewer lines, constructing new sidewalks and realigning Mt. Eustis Street. The City has also provided HOME Investment Partnerships funding, from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, which is designed to create quality affordable housing for low-income households.

Genesis Homes continues to develop affordable housing in several neighborhoods in the city and is nearing completion of three new rental homes in Greenline-Spartanburg. Although these new homes will not be Net Zero, Genesis Homes and its partners are working to replicate this unique model in this and other neighborhoods. For more information, visit Genesis Homes online.