Volunteer: Host a Food Drive

Fri, Jul 3
United Way Association

Every day, 50 million Americans struggle with hunger. For thousands of families in our community, supplemental groceries help them stretch their budget and stay healthy. TOTAL Ministries distributes food to over 750 people in Spartanburg County every month. It takes a lot of food to keep our shelves stocked! Gather your friends, family, or church / civic / corporate group to collect pantry staples & shelf-stable foods.

TOTAL Ministries will drop off barrels when you host a food drive at your place of business, school, church, etc. We would love to have a team of up to 15 people come stock our food pantry with food you’ve collected. If that doesn’t suit, we will be glad to pick up the barrels when your food drive is complete.

Volunteers must be at least 15 years old or accompanied by a parent or guardian to help in the food pantry. There is no age limit to organize or participate in a food drive!