A Photographic Journey of Old Greenville

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In the comfort of a thirteen-passenger Ford Transit tour van, guests will go block by block seeing Greenville’s changes and evolution from the 1800s to the present day, seeing old photographs, maps, drawings and paintings from the vantage-point of where they were taken.

The tour guide, John Nolan, is author of A Guide to Historic Greenville, The Lost Restaurants of Greenville, and writes a bi-weekly column in the Greenville Journal on aspects of Greenville history.

Guests will learn insights and stories behind the historic buildings that are no longer here as well as the many that are still with us. Guests will also have the opportunity to see and hold some artifacts that relate to the people, buildings and businesses that are covered on the tour.

Many of the wonderful historic photographs are drawn from the rich holdings of the Greenville County Historical Society including the Elford, Coxe and Jordan photograph collections. Half of each ticket price will be donated to the Greenville County Historical Society to support their historic preservation efforts. Also, printed photos seen on the tour and more can be purchased from the society for their on-going enjoyment of historic Greenville sites.

Whether you have lived in Greenville for generations or are new to the city, this tour will immerse you in the rich history that is all around you.

Tickets are $20 per person, and half of the ticket price goes to the Greenville County Historical Society. Tours happen year round and many slots are available for your convenience.

Visit greenvillehistorytours.com/greenville-history-tours/photographic-journey/ to book your spot today.