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Greenville Little Theatre Presents Beauty and the Beast

The exterior of Greenville Little Theatre.

Disney’s beloved musical Beauty and the Beast enchants us as we meet Belle, an intelligent, misunderstood woman, who trades places with her father to be held captive by a menacing Beast.

But appearances may not be what they seem, as Belle realizes the castle is under a spell that only love can break. Lumière, Mrs. Potts, and Cogsworth help her understand her new world, and Belle learns that adventure isn’t just found in the pages of a book.

This magical tale comes to life with unforgettable characters, astonishing sets and costumes, and a stunning score including, “Be Our Guest,” “Gaston,” “Human Again,” and the Academy Award-winning title song, “Beauty and the Beast.”

Show Dates

June 14-16, 21-23 at 8 pm
June 23 at 2 pm and 8 pm
June 17, 24 at 3 pm

Tickets are $35 for adults, $33 for seniors, and $25 for juniors. Please note that this is the full two hour Broadway musical and is not adapted for children. Children must be 4 or older to attend. A good rule of thumb is if your child is not old enough to sit through a two hour movie quietly, they are likely too young for this show.

For more information, please call the box office at 864-233-6238 or visit their website at