Winter is Coming to Hollywild

Monday, September 28, 2015
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Have you experienced the heart of Hollywild? Hollywild Animal Park has served thousands of visitors from across the country for more than forty years with no call for support until now.

But Hollywild’s collective hearts are breaking. Despite the incredibly high summer temperatures, we know that winter is coming. And Hollywild needs to be ready.

Yes, winter.

Winter is when animal babies need the warmth and resources of an indoor nursery.

Winter is a time when baboons and capuchins need their beds to be indoors
and out of the cold.

Winter is when African tortoises need their heat lamps.

Hollywild’s primate barn was the primary area serving these purposes, but a tragic fire in January, caused by a problem with wires inside a lighting fixture, made that barn unusable and left us grieving the 27 animals lost as a result of smoke inhalation.

The heartbeats of the 13 saved that day have kept everyone at Hollywild going – working through grief to look to the future. Hollywild is thankful that others are looking to the future.

Hollywild’s operations are supported by admissions, in-kind donations, and the generosity of donors. People still call daily to ask if we are open and are happy to hear that we are! But experts tell us that for every one call we receive, there could be 20 or more who don’t call and simply don’t come. The reduced admissions, combined with the additional needs to restore our winter care facility, and the effects of the intense summer heat, have created a staggering $150,000 shortfall.

Hollywild is calling for your help on behalf of the wildlife that you, in the community, take as a source of pride and a place of interest for all who visit our region. Winter is coming and we must be ready.

Hollywild has the been the place where thousands of children and adults come to learn about animals each year – animals they would likely never get to see in their native lands of Africa, South America, and Europe. Hollywild is not a zoo…it is an educational facility in a park-like environment allowing you to become one with the animals with your truly unique experience here.

State Legislators have recognized Hollywild’s importance to our region. In March, they presented a resolution of support, acknowledging our history and impact and applauding our efforts to enter our first international partnership with the Ukutula Reserve in South Africa. This effort brought a rare white lion into the Hollywild family as part of an international breeding and conservation program.

Despite the tragic start to the year and the grief we have shared with our community, there has remained a collective, dedicated effort to keep the heart of Hollywild beating through all the animals that live here – through our dedicated staff who work tirelessly to care for them, and our visitors who make incredible
memories here.

Hollywild needs to raise $150,000 to cover barn renovation and the shortfall. A $75,000 gift would give a single donor naming recognition for the winter care center in the barn. An additional $75,000 gift would give naming rights to the nutrition center in the barn. Your $100 gift would put your name on the Winter Care plaque that honors your commitment to the animal babies who will greet you in the spring when you visit.

Spread the word! Do you know others who might be willing to help us? Ask them to visit the website to make an online donation.