Stories of Struggle: The Clash Over Civil Rights in South Carolina

Tue, Feb 23
Online w/ SC Women in Leadership
SC Women in Leadership

In the premier episode of the WIL Listen podcast, we commemorate Black History Month with Anita Garrett’s interview of author Claudia Smith Brinson about her book Stories of Struggle: The Clash Over Civil Rights in South Carolina.

Stories of Struggle is a book of South Carolina stories. Stories of hate, intimidation, violence and murder. And stories of devotion, courage, and perseverance. Stories of lesser-known civil rights leaders and individuals dedicated to making better lives for their children, despite their activism resulting in physical abuse, punishment, loss of livelihood, and families torn apart. These intimate stories, both heartbreaking and inspiring, shine a light on the progress achieved by nonviolent civil rights activists while also revealing white South Carolinians’ often violent resistance to change. Claudia shares the stories of sacrifice of these brave, modest, benevolent, courageous and dedicated leaders, and how the progress they produced offers hope for the future.

Claudia Smith Brinson worked as a journalist for more than 30 years in Florida, Greece, and South Carolina. Her accolades include dozens of state and regional awards for excellence. She held the Harriet Gray Blackwell Endowed Professorship at Columbia College for a decade, where she designed and led the Writing for Print and Digital Media program. She is the mother of two and mentor to many.

Anita Garrett is a management consultant and image activist who has worked in the fields of philanthropy and business development for more than 25 years. She is a founding board member of SC Women in Leadership. Her career reflects a marriage of her passion for social justice, gender equity and resource development and her desire to be a voice for marginalized communities. For her unwavering leadership efforts, Anita has received numerous awards.