SC Women In Leadership: City of Spartanburg boards and commissions: positions available

Thu, Apr 13, 2023
This event has already occurred.
SC Women In Leadership

On local boards and commissions across the country, women are particularly underrepresented on more so-called “masculine” boards like planning, construction, and transportation boards. It’s not always a matter of men being chosen over women. Often, it’s because women simply don’t apply to these boards.

Right now the City of Spartanburg has 11 boards and commissions with available positions, including the:

Imagine the difference we could make for equal representation if we could ensure half of the applications they receive are from women. In fact, research shows that underrepresented groups can have a larger impact on policy through appointed positions than elected ones.

Will you help us improve diversity and give women in your community a say in the policies that affect them? Applications are being accepted now through June. Apply to serve on a board or commission for Spartanburg and encourage your friends to apply, too.

Want to learn more about boards and commissions including the role they play in government, what it’s like to serve, and opportunities at the statewide level? Join us for our annual SpringBoard Conference on May 20th sponsored by Duke Energy and BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.