A Week Without Violence: Organize Your Butterflies

Sat, Oct 24
YWCA A Week Without Violence

The Military’s #MeToo Moment with Lucy C. Del Gaudio, Melissa Bryant, and Lindsay Church

In the wake of the murder of 20-year old Vanessa Guillen, an Army specialist, the military has faced an immense amount of scrutiny in how they investigate gender-based violence. In response to cries for accountability, a group of former members of the armed services have banded together to seek justice for Vanessa and her family to hold the military accountable for their inaction. Lucy C. Del GaudioMelissa Bryant, and Lindsay Church speak with Alejandra Y. Castillo on how they are advocating for Vanessa and providing a new blueprint for proper investigation of gender-based violence reports within the armed services. As calls for transparency and accountability increase, these women are leading the way to achieve justice, and making history along the way.

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For more information on what YWCA is doing to support survivors of gender-based violence visit our website here.

Week Without Violence is part of a global movement with YWCAs across the country and around the world to end violence against women and girls. At YWCA, we know that not all violence is acknowledged or responded to equally and that some victims go unrecognized altogether. That’s why, for more than 20 years, YWCA has set aside one week in October as a Week Without Violence.

Join us from October 18 – 24, as we hold events nationally and locally, share information and stories, advocate, and more with a common goal in mind: together, we can end gender-based violence.

During this week we will be partnering with Our Voice, Helpmate, Youth Outright, Family Justice Center, and Mountain Child Advocacy to increase awareness of the resources available within our community. Join us on social media by using this profile frame all week long.