2022 Leiman Match Opportunity for Flatrock Playhouse

Fri, Oct 7, 2022
This event has already occurred.
Flatrock Playhouse

Did you know that monthly donations sustain the arts at Flat Rock Playhouse? Recurring, monthly donations ensure immediate support while sowing seeds for the future. Today, you can make an even greater impact through the Leiman Matching Gift Opportunity! Thanks to generous supporters, David & Sharon Leiman, your gift will be matched at $1.80 for every $1.00 contributed. To qualify, simply sign up for a monthly donation of $18.00 or more through the end of 2022. Today is your last chance to qualify for four months of support!
The donation amount of $18.00 truly gives life and vitality to the arts at Flat Rock Playhouse. In Judaism, it is common to give and receive gifts in multiples of $18 or “Chai”, which signifies a good omen for life. As we near the end of our first full season in two years, we’ll hope you’ll join us in giving life to the theater!