Rapid Classifications

Class I – Small rapids with low waves and no obstructions.
Class II – More frequent rapids with few or no obstructions.
Class III – Waves up to four feet, with some maneuvering around obstructions.
Class IV – Long and violent rapids. Large waves that are unavoidable. Complex course. Scouting is a must.
Class VI – Maximum difficulty. Involves serious risk of life.

Kayaking on the Chattoga River

Section 1
This is from the West Fork to the main river. Trout fishing, inner tubes, and gentle canoe rides predominate. Great place to sit and relax.

Section 2
This is seven miles in length and runs from Highway 28 bridge to Earl’s Ford. This is where class I and II rapids dominate. Also, there is one class III rapid. This is great for beginners and moderate paddlers.

Section 3
This is 13 miles in length and runs from Earl’s Ford to US 76 Bridge. This is for experenced paddlers. It includes class II, III, and IV rapids.

Section 4
This section is seven miles long and runs from US 76 to Lake Tugaloo. This is for well experenced paddlers. Rapids include class III, IV, and V. This is for the very adventurous paddler.