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A pair of tree snags created for wildlife benefit.

Many Animal Species Benefit From Snags

Standing dead trees, or snags, may appear to be useless, even eyesores, but they are valuable components of wildlife habitat and are frequently in short supply. They can even be the key limiting factor in a wildlife population.

An yellow, black-spotted amur leopard.

Greenville Zoo Monitoring Amur Leopard Pregnancy

Over the past month, the Greenville Zoo staff has used ultrasound imaging to confirm that Jade, the zoo’s nine-year-old female Amur leopard, is pregnant and to monitor the health of her unborn cubs.

Cows grazing grass on a field.

Transforming Land for Broader Agroforestry Benefits

Researchers at Furman University, through a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) grant, studied the feasibility of transforming forested land on farms in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia into silvopasture systems.

A BMW X5 on the assembly line.

Record Production Year for BMW Manufacturing

During its 25th year of production, BMW Manufacturing set a new production record with a total of 411,620 X models produced in 2019, topping the previous record by 449 units (411,171 in 2016).