Movie Showtimes in Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC's first and only digital theater. All times are subject to change.
12 Strong Poster
2hr 10min - R
1:30p 4:15p 7:00p 9:30p
Den of Thieves Poster
0hr 0min - R
1:00p 4:00p 7:00p 9:40p
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Poster
2hr 39min - PG-13
1:15p 4:30p 7:10p 9:35p
Paddington 2 Poster
1hr 43min - PG
12:30p 2:45p 5:00p 7:15p 9:20p
The Commuter Poster
1hr 45min - PG-13
1:00p 3:05p 5:10p 7:00p 9:40p
The Greatest Showman Poster
2hr 19min - PG
12:30p 2:45p 5:00p 7:20p 9:30p
The Post Poster
1hr 48min - PG-13
1:30p 4:15p 7:00p 9:30p