Movie Showtimes in Greenville, SC

Movie times are subject to change. All movies after 11:00 PM are Friday and Saturday only.
A Bad Moms Christmas Poster
0hr 0min - R
2:15p 5:00p 7:45p 10:30p
Coco Poster
1hr 49min - PG
12:15p 1:15p 2:20p 3:10p 5:15p 6:05p 7:05p 8:10p 9:00p
Coco Poster
1hr 49min - PG
4:10p 10:00p
Daddy's Home 2 Poster
0hr 0min - PG-13
1:55p 4:35p 7:15p 9:55p
Genesis: Paradise Lost Poster
2hr 10min - G
7:00p Monday only
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Poster
1hr 48min - NR
2:00p 7:00p
Jigsaw Poster
1hr 32min - R
12:20p 2:55p 5:30p 8:05p 10:40p
Just Getting Started Poster
0hr 0min - PG-13
11:55a 2:25p 4:55p 7:25p 9:55p
Justice League Poster
0hr 0min - PG-13
1:30p 4:35p 7:35p 10:45p
Justice League Poster
0hr 0min - PG-13
12:15p 3:20p 6:25p 9:30p
Lady Bird Poster
1hr 33min - R
1:50p 4:25p 7:00p 9:35p
Marshall Poster
0hr 0min - PG-13
3:20p 9:20p
Murder on the Orient Express Poster
1hr 54min - PG-13
12:20p 1:50p 4:45p 6:20p 7:35p 10:45p
My Friend Dahmer Poster
1hr 47min - R
1:30p 4:20p 7:10p 10:00p
Roman J. Israel, Esq. Poster
2hr 9min - PG-13
12:25p 3:35p 6:45p 9:55p
The Disaster Artist Poster
1hr 45min - R
12:00p 1:20p 2:40p 4:00p 5:20p 6:40p 8:00p 9:20p 10:40p
The Star Poster
1hr 26min - PG
1:30p 4:00p 6:30p 9:00p
Thor: Ragnarok Poster
2hr 10min - PG-13
11:55a 12:30p 3:05p 3:30p 6:15p 9:25p 10:15p
Wonder Poster
1hr 53min - PG
12:25p 3:20p 6:15p 9:10p