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Medline Industries to Add 20 New Jobs in Anderson County; $20 Million Expansion in Honea Path

Medline Industries, Inc., the nation's largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, will expand its Honea Path facility in Anderson County, investing an additional $15 million and hiring 20 new employees. As part of its expansion, Medline will construct a new building and will invest $14 million in new equipment.

Before choosing to expand in South Carolina, the company also explored several other options for growth, including expanding its Florida facility or starting a new facility in Mexico or Asia. According to company officials, the positive experience in the Honea Path community, the work of the Anderson County Economic Development Department and the desire to keep the product manufactured in the U.S. all factored into the decision to expand in South Carolina.

"Honea Path has been a great manufacturing environment and we're looking forward to this next phase of growth for our business. This expansion is extremely important because we'll be tripling our production of IsolexT polyisoprene, which is the foundation for our line of Sensicare TM latex-free surgical gloves. With more and more concerns over latex allergies, Isolex based latex-free gloves are gaining widespread usage among surgeons and clinicians nationwide. We're excited about being able to meet this growing demand," said Tripp Amdur, president of Medline Glove Division.

"The new facility represents a major commitment to South Carolina by Medline," said Commerce Secretary Bob Faith. "We are pleased that this industry leader recognized the advantages South Carolina could offer, and I'd like to commend Governor Sanford"s efforts to improve our state"s business climate to make Anderson and the rest of South Carolina more attractive for companies looking to expand and add jobs."

"The expansion and rejuvenation of the Medline facility in Honea Path is a great economic boon for the area. I wish them the greatest of success in the future as they bring new jobs and investment to the Honea Path area," said Anderson County Council Chairwoman Gracie Floyd.

"I want to congratulate Medline on their expansion, and I want to thank them for choosing Anderson County over several other communities throughout the world. Medline will make a significant investment in advanced manufacturing equipment, and most importantly, they will add new jobs to the Honea Path area," said Anderson County Administrator Joey Preston.

"The announcement today that Medline will invest $15 million in their Honea Path facility is great news for an area greatly in need of new jobs and manufacturing investment. They found Anderson County to be the right place to make this significant investment for the future growth of their company, and for this we are grateful," said Anderson County Economic Development Director John Lummus.

Medline has had a presence in South Carolina since 2003 when the company purchased Maxxim Medical and acquired its Honea Path facility. Medline manufactures and distributes more than 100,000 medical products, encompassing medical-surgical items and one of the largest textile lines in the industry. With seven manufacturing facilities in North America and more than 25 joint venture manufacturing plants

worldwide, Medline manufactures many of the products it sells and delivers directly to the marketplace. Headquartered in Mundelein, Illinois, the company's mission is to provide quality products and cost containment solutions to healthcare providers while enhancing the quality of patient care. For more information, visit the company's website at

(Images provided by Medline.)

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