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Greenville Tech Now Offers Accredited Hemodialysis Training

Greenville Technical College�s Corporate and Career Development Division has received accreditation by the Board of Nephrology Examiners for Nursing and Technologists for the college�s new Hemodialysis Technician Training course.

This is the only course of its kind in South Carolina to be accredited. With recent changes in the field of dialysis, certification is required for technologists. This course provides a pathway for uncertified technologists, nurses, and phlebotomists to become certified hemodialysis technicians.

Hemodialysis technicians help with the fight against kidney disease. They prepare clients for the dialysis procedure, monitor their fluid and blood levels, and operate the machinery. Working under the supervision of a physician or registered nurse, they are employed in hospitals, clinics or home dialysis programs.

The full Hemodialysis Technician course at Greenville Tech will consist of 90 hours of classroom instruction (Section I) and 120 hours of lab and precepted clinical externship (Section II).

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