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Greenville County Schools Improve on School Report Cards

Ninety-two percent of Greenville County schools (79 schools) received Absolute ratings of Excellent, Good, or Average on their 2009 School Report Cards, up from 70 percent or 59 schools in 2008. The School District received an Absolute rating of Average, maintaining the same rating since 2006.

Forty schools improved their Absolute ratings, 41 maintained their Absolute rating, and three schools earned a lower Absolute rating.

Absolute Ratings

The Absolute ratings in 2009 for elementary and middle schools are based on Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (PASS) performance levels for English Language Arts (reading and research), writing, mathematics, science, and social studies. Middle school ratings also include performance on End-of-Course exams.

For high schools, the Absolute rating is based on four standards:

Percentage of students who pass the High School Exit Exam (HSAP) by spring graduation or by the end of the summer following their on-time graduation date (two years after taking the exam for the first time)
Percentage of students who pass the High School Exit Exam on the first attempt
Percentage of students who pass End-of-Course exams (Algebra I, English I, Physical Science, and US History and Constitution) On-time graduation rate

For career centers, the Absolute rating is based on three standards:

Percentage of students who earn a 2.0 or above on the final career and technology courses
Number of career and technology completers who are available for placement either in post-secondary instruction, military services, or employment Career Center 12th grade graduation rate

For districts, the Absolute rating is based on four standards:

Performance on PASS test, End-of-Course exams, and SC-Alt (alternate assessment for students with significant learning disabilities) administered in grades 3-8
Performance on 1st attempt HSAP and SC-Alt for students in their second year in high school On-time graduation rate
End-of-Course exam results administered to students in grades 9-12

Growth Ratings

In 2009, 83% of schools (71 schools) earned a Growth rating of Average, Good, or Excellent as compared to 42% (35 schools) in 2008. The district earned a Growth rating of Below Average.

Fifty-two schools improved their Growth ratings, 16 maintained their Growth ratings, and 15 schools earned a lower Growth rating. The district Growth rating included components of the elementary and middle and high school ratings. The district Growth rating was calculated in the same way as in previous years.

The Growth ratings for elementary and middle schools longitudinally compare studentsí test scores from one year to the next. High school and career center Growth ratings were based on the overall performance of the school from one year to the next based on the Absolute rating criteria.

(Image provided by Greenville County Schools.)

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