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Greenville's BMW Plant Reopens Its Employment Application Pools.

Greenville's BMW Manufacturing Corp, located in Spartanburg County, announced it was reopening it employment application process as the company begins to hire an additional 500 workers to meet customer demand for the BMW X5 sports activity vehicle.

Beginning November 6, 2000, BMW will have a toll-free job line available that will allow those interested in working at the Upstate South Carolina factory to apply seven days a week 24 hours a day. The toll free number is 1-800-906-0074.

Robert Hitt, BMW's Manager for Public Affairs says, "We are opening up our employment application process because we have greatly reduced our existing pool of applicants when we hired 1,200 associates for the X5 expansion in 1999 and another 500 this summer."

BMW has also expanded the hiring radius to include all of South Carolina rather than just within a 50 mile radius of the factory.

Hitt also says, "The demand for the X5 sports activity vehicle is so great in the United States and Europe that we must make these moves at the South Carolina factory to keep pace with customer demand for the X5."

In addition to hiring the 500 more production associates, BMW is working additional hours each week to meet customer demand for the X5. The X5 production lines have been working additional hours since spring. During a two-shift workweek, the lines are working 100 hours rather than 80 hours and Saturday shifts have been scheduled through mid-December.

The additional hours and workers will allow the company to boost production. The daily production rate is averaging about 290 X5s per day and the factory is ramping up to produce 300 X5s per day by December and 360 per day by March.

BMW also manufactures the Z-3 Roadster at the Greenville plant and has also had difficulty meeting demand for the Z-3. Production of roadsters and coupes continues on an 80-hour during a two-shift workweek, and the daily production rate averages about 150 units per day.

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