South Carolinians Can Request Free Radon Test Kit

A radon test kit on a table.

Radon is a cancer causing, radioactive gas that you cannot see, smell, or taste. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. and the number one cause among non-smokers.

Radon comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water and finds its way into homes through cracks and holes in the foundation, construction joints, and plumbing fixtures. Any home can have a radon problem. The only way to determine if your home is trapping radon gas is to test.

South Carolinians can request a free radon test kit through the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Test kits can also be purchased from a certified lab or from the National Radon Program. If you purchase a kit from a home improvement store, be sure to check the expiration date. Another option is to hire a radon measurement provider that is certified by one of the two national certification programs, the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, Inc. (AARST) National Radon Proficiency Program or the National Radon Safety Board. The South Carolina Radon Program offers free short-term radon test kits to South Carolina homeowners, subject to availability.

Watch a quick overview of how to use the SC Radon program’s short-term test kit. For a successful test, follow the detailed instructions that come with the kit.

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Prepared by the SC DHEC.