Know the Rules Before Your Fireworks Show

A night sky lit up with fireworks.

In November 2019, Greenville City Council passed an ordinance that prohibits individuals from using, discharging, shooting, or igniting any fireworks or similar explosives between the hours of 10 pm and 9 am.

However, the ordinance includes an exception that allows extended hours for New Year’s Eve and July 4. As a result, the discharge of fireworks in the City of Greenville is prohibited after 12:30 am on January 1.

The ordinance does not prohibit the use of sparklers or similar pyrotechnic products, which generate no appreciable noise.

To report someone violating the fireworks ordinance, please call the police non-emergency number at 864-271-5333.

Visit the City of Greenville website for additional information.

Prepared by the City of Greenville.