Reframing the Food Desert Debate With Ken Kolb

Hub City Bookshop

Spartanburg’s Hub City Bookshop will welcome Ken Kolb, professor and chair of the Sociology Department at Furman University, for a discussion of his new book Retail Inequality: Reframing the Food Desert Debate on Tuesday, January 25.

Based on comprehensive research into the histories and struggles of two Black neighborhoods in Greenville, SC, the book examines recent efforts to increase access to healthy food in American cities, and reveals the variety of reasons why such efforts have fallen short.

In addition to discussing his book, Kolb will also make a presentation tailoring his research to the city of Spartanburg, and examining the underlying causes of retail inequality here in our own community.

Tapping into the same history of urban planning policy compiled by Beatrice HIll and Brenda Lee for the Hub City Press book South of Main, Kolb will discuss the cultural and political forces behind unequal access to food and reveal the way in which the phenomenon we know as the “food desert” is actually rooted in fundamental issues of inequality.

Everyone is encouraged to come to Hub City Bookshop at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, January 25th! Save your seat and your copy of the book by visiting the Eventbrite page.

Prepared by Hub City Bookshop.