Work Begins on South Main Street Bridge

A road construction sign.

The South Main Street Bridge, located between Broad Street and Falls Park Drive, is scheduled to be completely refurbished this summer. Work began on July 6 and will take approximately five months to complete.

The project includes minor repairs to the concrete surface below the bridge, removing existing coatings and paint and applying a fresh concrete-compatible coating that allows water vapor to pass through to limit future corrosion, improving the drainage system to prevent water from seeping through the arches of the bridge, and relocating the lighting from underneath the bridge to pole-mounted fixtures on the ground for easier access and maintenance.

The bridge will remain open to vehicular traffic throughout the course of the project and access to the Swamp Rabbit Trail and Japanese Dogwood Lane will be maintained; however, intermittent sidewalk closures will be required along South Main Street. In those instances, parking spaces will be used to maintain pedestrian access. Wayfinding signs will be posted.

The three-span, cast-in-place concrete arch bridge was originally constructed in 1910 and is 270 feet long and 75 feet wide. Each of the bridge’s three arches is approximately 90 feet long and 30 feet tall.

Visit the City of Greenville website for additional information.

Prepared by the City of Greenville.