UofSC School of Medicine Greenville Students to Receive Free Membership to American Medical Student Association

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In an expression of continued commitment to improving medical training and the nation’s health, the University of South Carolina (UofSC) School of Medicine Greenville has signed an institutional partnership (IP) with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), granting UofSC medical students free memberships and benefits with AMSA.

With a membership of more than 27,000 medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and practicing physicians from across the country, AMSA is the oldest and largest student-led association of physicians-in-training within the United States.

As a member of AMSA, students will have access to invaluable educational programs, services and opportunities designed to spark empathy, humanism, and compassion in healthcare while assisting throughout and extending beyond their time at medical school.

“Every time we sign a new institutional partnership we’re excited about all the doors we can open up together: opportunities for more students to find a new community where they can find support and training to help them grow and thrive as leaders; opportunities for a whole community of new students to help shape and power AMSA to make change they believe in,” said Hannah Hendrix, AMSA President, 4th-year medical student, Ohio State University College of Medicine.

This partnership would not be possible without the funding of the Humanologi Foundation and the vision of Dr. Steven M. Reich and his wife, Jodi. Inspired by his own experiences and struggles with medical education, Reich envisioned a means to support future medical students while fostering a community of future physicians through advocacy and education.

“We formed The Humanologi Foundation to provide tools and resources to help refocus attention on the roles of empathy, humanism, and compassion in healthcare,” said Dr. Reich. “By supporting programs in self-awareness training, and making sure they are available to medical students, we seek to combat the ever-increasing career trend among physicians of disengagement and burnout.”

Along with substantial educational opportunities granted by AMSA, this partnership represents an investment on the schools behalf to reshape medicine through future physicians. In addition, students will also have access to mentorship programming, a vast network of like-minded connections, access to strategic training, service opportunities and events to equip them with the confidence and experience to become leaders within the field of healthcare.

“The UofSC School of Medicine Greenville recognizes and celebrate this valuable partnership with AMSA, which will provide our students access to resources and connections to other future physicians around the country,” said Marjorie Jenkins MD, MEdHP, FACP, Dean of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville and Chief Academic Officer for Prisma Health-Upstate. “This collaborative investment will go a long way in building confidence in our students, providing them with medical experience that will extend beyond their matriculation through medical school.”

Students can find a full list of benefits on the AMSA website.

Prepared by UofSC School of Medicine Greenville.