Fiction Addiction to Host Virtual Event With Jill McCorkle on July 23rd

Jill McCorkle.
Jill McCorkle

Fiction Adiction will host a virtual event with New York Times bestselling author Jill McCorkle on Thursday, July 23, at 7:00 pm. Your $30 ticket includes access to the live webinar, a copy of Hieroglyphics, and a signed bookplate!

Tickets can be purchased by Tuesday, July 21, at noon. Refunds can be requested up until the ticket cutoff.

A mesmerizing novel about the burden of secrets carried across generations.

In Hieroglyphics, Lil and Frank married young, launched into courtship when they bonded over how they both—suddenly, tragically—lost a parent when they were children. Over time, their marriage grew and strengthened, with each still wishing for so much more understanding of the parents they’d lost prematurely.

Now, after many years in Boston, they’ve retired to North Carolina. There, Lil, determined to leave a history for their children, sifts through letters and notes and diary entries—perhaps revealing more secrets than Frank wants their children to know. Meanwhile, Frank has become obsessed with what might have been left behind at the house he lived in as a boy on the outskirts of town, where a young single mother, Shelley, is just trying to raise her son with some sense of normalcy. Frank’s repeated visits to Shelley’s house begin to trigger memories of her own family, memories that she’d hoped to keep buried. Because, after all, not all parents are ones you wish to remember.

Hieroglyphics reveals the difficulty of ever really knowing the intentions and dreams and secrets of the people who raised you. In her deeply layered and masterful novel, Jill McCorkle deconstructs and reconstructs what it means to be a father or a mother, and what it means to be a child piecing together the world around us, a child learning to make sense of the hieroglyphics of history and memory.

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