No Tax or Fee Increases in City of Greenville’s FY 2021 Budget

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During a public hearing and first reading of the proposed FY 2021 budget, Greenville City Manager John McDonough reported that prudent financial planning will provide the city the needed cushion to continue operations and move forward with vital community projects without increasing taxes or fees.

The city’s General Fund revenue is projected at approximately $95 million. Expenditures are $105 million. The $6 million deficit will be covered through reserve funds, which will be used for one-time expenses only.

Greenville will continue to invest in:

  • Affordable housing
  • Public safety and first responders
  • Economic development
  • Road safety, neighborhood traffic calming, trail improvements
  • Excellent day-to-day service to our community

Budget highlights include:

  • $3.75 million for wastewater system rehabilitation
  • $3.5 million for bridges for Swamp Rabbit Trail expansion
  • $1.3 million Stormwater improvement projects
  • $1 million for new sidewalk construction
  • $1 million for street resurfacing
  • $750,000 in Economic Development to facilitate post-COVID recovery
  • $500,000 for affordable housing
  • $500,000 for intersection safety improvements
  • $200,000 for public safety cameras

Recognizing that 60% of General Fund revenues are not realized until February/March and that COVID recovery measures are needed, the city is taking a measured approach to expenditures by:

  • Deferring capital/rolling-stock purchases until 3Q/4Q
  • Deferring capital improvement projects (new money) until 3Q/4Q
  • Delaying consideration of compensation adjustments, except for employees receiving their first-anniversary performance evaluation, until the latter half of the fiscal year

The city will continue to fulfill all financial obligations, including debt service payments. While it was previously announced that Unity Park construction would be slowed, an initial investment of $5 million will allow site preparation work and landscaping to continue as scheduled.

“The proposed budget is designed to reflect city council priorities and set the framework for addressing short and long-term needs,” said McDonough. “The city’s financial condition remains solid and our strong financial position allows us flexibility as we continue to address issues associated with growth such as transportation, affordable housing and public safety.”

Second reading and adoption of the budget are scheduled for the June 8 formal city council meeting.

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Prepared by the City of Greenville.