Greenville Inventor Says His Turbine Will Change Industry

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Ross Norton of GSA Business Report recently published a story on a Greenville inventor’s ambitions to disrupt the wind turbine industry. A short excerpt of “Greenville Inventor Says His Turbine Will Change Industry” is included below, and you can continue reading the article in full at

It didn’t seem like a revolutionary question. “What are you hauling?” Truck drivers get that question all the time.

The answer, this time, was amusing to the driver and the asker. The driver was the great-grandson of the man who started Eli Bridge Ferris Wheels in 1900. Still in the family business, he was using company equipment to haul a gear box for a giant wind turbine. The man asking the question was Jerry Barber, amusement ride designer, inventor, manufacturer and entrepreneur.

“We both started laughing,” said Barber, who lives in Greenville. “Every carny knows you don’t put a gear box in the middle of an amusement ride.”

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Written by Ross Norton of GSA Business Report.