The 2021 Preserve Our Parks Fund Drive

Sat, Oct 31
The National Park Foundation

Preserve our Parks

America’s national parks belong to all of us. They connect us to the natural world and root us to our nation’s rich and fascinating history.

National parks exist because people had the foresight to protect the wonder of these unique places for future generations. The parks are a legacy that has been handed down to us; it is up to us to prove that we are worthy of that legacy by continuing to protect and preserve these iconic locations for the generations that come after us.

That’s the idea behind our annual Preserve Our Parks Fund Drive. In order to provide the resources for the crucial work that’s needed in our parks in 2021, we must raise $1,332,000 before December 31.

As an added incentive, when you donate to the Preserve Our Parks Fund Drive, you are able to send a beautiful eCard featuring our national parks to whomever you want. Let your friends, colleagues, and loved ones know how important our national parks are to you.