Spartanburg Monthly ArtWalk

Thu, Nov 21
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Ciclops Cyderi & Brewery

Join us every third Thursday of the month for a great pop up art show featuring local artists of Spartanburg! We host a variety of artists from ceramics artists to painters to printmakers! This is a community event organized by the Spartanburg Art Museum, and there are multiple venues participating. For more information check out:! If you are interested in being a featured artist, please email us at [email protected]

For the July ArtWalk we will be featuring our Beertender Izzy Hume, Farmer Dave Marik, McKenzie Stokes, Brenton Charles, Clint Button, and Bethany Panhorst.

Elizabeth Hume

Elizabeth, or Izzy, went to Dorman High School and graduated in 2011. She attended Converse College, graduated in May of 2017, and attended Spatanburg Community College, graduated May of 2018. She recieved a Bachelors degree in Studio Art and a Welding Certification. She interned with an artist, Christopher Edmund Nitsche, at the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg, helping him build an installation piece of a boat. Through her love of art she has dipped into multiple mediums like ceramics, print making, metal work, wood working, jewerly, stained glass, ect. She has a passion for working in 3 dimentional and bringing her work to life.

McKenzie Stokes

My name is McKenzie Stokes and I am 26 years old, and am the proud mother of two fur babies (their names are Mew and Frisky, in case you wanted to know). I got a BA in Studio Art and Graphic Design in 2015, and have been working as a freelance graphic designer for years. I started doing art as a kid, but actually really hated art classes because I felt like they limited me to only doing one or two styles with no freedom to pick my subject matter. So as I grew older, I made a point to explore everything from oils to acrylics, clay to computers, sewing to crafting…. Anything I could try, I did it. I even worked as an art teacher for 3 years to help the next generation grow a love for all things creative. I encouraged my students to draw inspiration from things they enjoyed, because that’s what really motivated me. For example, a lot of my work comes from video games, books, and movies. This month, I will be graduating with a certification as a Surgical Technician, but I will still be doing art and graphic design on the side, not just as something to sell, but simply as something I really enjoy.

Dave Marik

Dave is our farmer who picks up our spent grains at the brewery each week to feed to his cows on Marik Farm. He repurposes old farm stuff, metal garden, wall and desk art… leather work, growler and wine carriers, cow deer hide beer coozies.

Brenton Charles

Inspired by my artistic background while playing bass with local alternative bands, The
Vessel, Swaybar, and Placebo, up and down the South Eastern Seaboard-continuously searching. For an outward form of personal expression, there seemed to be a void in the market when it came to the availability of stylish, classy, yet alternative necklaces and bracelets. The outcome was my company-Altwear! I was able to design one of a kind pieces with a variety of exotic Beads and Stones that would fit everyone’s style and offer them the opportunity to express their own personality and style. This is Altwear….

Bethany Panhorst

Bethany Panhorst is a ceramic artist from Savannah, Georgia. She graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2019 where she received a BFA in Visual Art and a minor in business. While she started her college career in painting, she switched her focus to ceramics combining her love of technical challenge with color and the elegance of realism. Her work was recently exhibited in juried exhibitions at both Arrowmont school of Arts and Craft and the National Council for the Education of Ceramic Arts. She now creates both sculpture and functional carved pottery. She is seeking to grow her concepts and skills by furthering her education in the Masters program at Ft. Hays State University.

Clint Button

Clint Button is a Master Sculptor and 4th generation granite artisan and artist. He services work that comes to me from individuals, professionals, other artists and sculptors. Over the past twelve years he has added a wide array of other media to my portfolio including bronze, marble, limestone, serpentine & other softer stone, wood, fabricated metal, fabric and synthetics.

JANUARY ARTWALK: Amanda Cannon & Clint Button
MARCH ARTWALK: Kris Inman, Christina Ramsey, Scott Deskins, & Gage Coleman
APRIL ARTWALK: Aaron Troski, Stephanie Wright, Robin Turner, Ansley Painter
MAY ARTWALK: Nathan Goddard, David Jackson
JUNE ARTWALK: Stacey Scruggs, Brian Swift, Robin Davenport