New Podcast Episodes! Carton Today…Toilet Paper Tomorrow + Man of Steel (and Aluminum)

Sun, Jun 13, 2021
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Carolina Recycling Association
Yay! New Podcast Episodes! 
Check Out Episodes 4 & 5
Episode 4: Carton Today…Toilet Paper Tomorrow

Cartons hold juice, milk, broth, and wine (of course), BUT did you know your box o’ wine can have a new life as toilet paper? Matt Todd and Sherry Yarkosky both join the episode to explain carton recycling, the Carton Council, and how Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and paper mills can get involved. Learn more about the Carton Council and what might become of that OJ carton in your fridge right now at
Episode 5: Man of Steel (and Aluminum)
Bad superman jokes aside, how long does it take for a recycled can to get back on the shelf? Scott Breen of the Can Manufacturers Institute joins this episode to discuss the sustainability of recycled cans. Visit for ALL the can info!