Learn to Hurl – Introduction to Irish Hurling

Sun, Mar 19, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
This event has already occurred.
Kroc Center Greenville
424 Westfield St, Greenville, SC 29601, USA
Greenville Gaels Hurling Club - Irish Adult Sports

Come try the Irish sport of hurling in a non-contact, hands-on introduction to the sport!

What to Expect:

Arrival/Registration: We ask that you show up 10-15 minutes before your session begins and look for the red/blue American Hurling canopy. You’ll be asked to sign in and fill out a Participant Release form.

Introduction: A team member will give you a brief overview of hurling, including the history, scoring system, skills, and safety. Any and all questions are welcome!

Skills Session: A few team members will show you the basic skills of the game, including lifting the ball, hand passing, catching, and striking. While hurling is a contact sport, this skills session will be non-contact.

Wrap-Up: After the Skills Session we’ll briefly explain our club, training schedule, and how to get involved if you’re interested in pursuing the game further. This is another great time to ask even more questions.

(Optional Team Training Session): If you really enjoyed the introduction session and want to stick around and watch or participate in a full training session with the team, this will happen from 2-4 pm after the Learn to Hurl session concludes. Your more than welcome to participate in whatever capacity you feel comfortable with at this point.

(Optional Pints): Of course we’ll head to The Irish Pub after training. You’re very welcome to join us there as well! For more information please feel free to email us at [email protected]

About the Organization: The Greenville Gaels are an adult sports club in Greenville SC (we have a youth club as well) that practices and plays the Irish sport of hurling in a competitive environment. The club is constantly looking for new players who are looking for a way to re-engage or renew their spark for competitive sports as an adult.