Feline Lifeline Monthly Meeting

Tue, Jul 27
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
11 Verdae Blvd, Greenville, SC 29607, USA
Feline Lifeline

Feline Lifeline Monthly Meeting

Our group holds a monthly general meeting on the last Tuesday of the month to discuss current and new business. Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting. We try to discuss our current challenges, as well as brainstorm ways to resolve the challenges through planning fund raising, adoption, and public awareness events. You can attend just to find out more about what we do. Your presence is appreciated and input welcome. You are not required to order dinner, but you can. There will be others there who are not replying on this Meetup. I hope to see you there!

Feline Lifeline is a non-profit
(Registered 501c3 Charitable Organization)
staffed entirely by volunteers.

Our presence on Meetup is to find others interested in volunteering with our group. We do not take in found or unwanted cats or kittens.

Volunteers help local homeless cats living outdoors in groups (colonies) by feeding them daily, removing kittens and tame adults so that they can be offered for adoption after spay/neuter and other vet work has been done, and sterilizing those too timid for adoption so they can live out their lives where they are without reproducing.

The number of cats helped by Feline Lifeline depends entirely upon donations made to Feline Lifeline.

Feline Lifeline also educates the public on how to help homeless cats through group presentations and publications, and by advising individuals who want to assist cats they have found.

Unfortunately, Feline Lifeline does not have a shelter.

Cats and kittens rescued from colonies managed by Feline Lifeline are kept in the homes of volunteers until there is room for them at Feline Lifeline adoption centers.

Therefore, Feline Lifeline cannot accept animals found or given up by others.

Nevertheless, Feline Lifeline volunteers will assist people in finding homes for stray cats or for felines they can no longer keep, as long as the person needing help with this is willing to house the cat and do any necessary vet work until a new home is found.